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The deep clean is customizable to your home and what you want!

  • Ceilings fans

  • High/low dust

  • Inside, outside and top of cabinets and drawers

  • Countertops cleaned and disinfected

  • scrubbing and disinfecting all sinks

  • backsplash cleaned

  • Fridge inside and out

  • Oven inside and out

  • Stove top carefully cleaned

  • All baseboards cleaned

  • Front of vanities cleaned

  • All blinds cleaned

  • scrubbing toilets

  • scrubbing shower/shower head/bathtub

  • Sweeping,edging,and mopping all floors to perfection

  • All carpet/rugs vacuumed

  • Light switches cleaned

  • Doors cleaned/Door handles

  • inside and out of sliding glass doors

  • all mirrors cleaned

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